The Whisky Trader Story

Welcome to Whisky Trader, a company that trades in fine Scotch Whisky, by the bottle and by the barrel.

Whisky Trader is 40 years of collecting and involvement with whisky, made corporeal on this, the most fast of highways.

We are owners of fine Scotch Whisky, we are drinkers of the stuff and we invest in barrels ourselves.

We are steeped n the history of Scotland and her love affair with the Aqua Vitae.  We know most of Scotland’s distilleries and have tasted her fruits. We visit whisky shows all over the world and we buy what we can, where we can.

We have single malts and blended malts, old Whiskies and new. There is something for every palate.

We trade in Barrels of whisky and provide advice on this fascinating Investment Category.

Call David at 083 344 4116. We are local in Port Elizabeth at the bottom of the Continent of Africa, and would be happy to share a dram with you if you are ever at our coast.

“Slainite Mhath Bru”