While the current demand for whisky is soaring to unprecedented heights, it’s essential to acknowledge that this hasn’t always been the case. Similar to the fluctuations of the global economy, the whisky industry experiences its own cycles of highs and lows. Throughout history, there have been notable closures of distilleries, either as temporary suspensions (mothballing) with hopes of future whisky production, or permanent closures through dismantling and demolition, marking the end of their whisky-making legacy.

These closed distilleries hold a captivating allure for whisky connoisseurs and collectors, primarily due to their rarity. The scarcity of their remaining liquid from a bygone era contributes to their collectability, albeit often accompanied by significant price tags. These whiskies serve as cherished artifacts, embodying a dwindling and cherished chapter in the whisky world, evoking a sense of reverence and fascination.

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