100 Pipers 12 years (1980’s)


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100 Pipers 12 years Decanter (1980’s)

A beautiful example of the latter 80’s blended whiskies, embossed gold and fancy bottling, and some great whisky in there. Back then the malt was probably from the Allt-A-Bhainne Distillery.

100 Pipers takes its name from the ballad of The Hundred Pipers, which tells the story of the troop of pipers said to have led Bonnie Prince Charlie ( no not the king-in-long-waiting…the other one, the troublesome one) into battle during the 1745 Jacobite uprising. Brave fellows indeed, going into battle with music instead of weapons.

The blend was created by two legendary master blenders from Chivas in 1965, with this 12-year-old expression added in 1986.

The two creators of this blend  Jimmy Lang and Alan Baillie are both named as the inspiration for the recent lovely Chivas Real Ultis Blended Malt. Artists indeed.