Ambassador 12 years (1970’s)


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Ambassador 12 years 1970’s

This was once a very well known export brand in the United States, belonging to Taylor & Ferguson, who set up as blenders in 1931.

The Malt in this blend is from the Scapa Distillery, also owned by the group Hiram Walker at that time.  Most of what Hiram Walker owned was sold to Pernod Ricard, so this brand is surely lying somewhere in a dusty file waiting to come alive again.

‘Scotch at its World’s Lightest’ was their tagline in the 1960’s. Long discontinued this is a collectible whisky and is seldom seen outside of USA.

Note that the liquor level is past the neck. The Bottle is perfect and is fully sealed, the box is in good condition for a 50 year old piece of cardboard.