Ardnamurchan Spirit AD2019


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Ardnamurchan AD2019 Spirit

This is the last bottle of “almost whisky” that was released by Ardnamurchan Distillery, the most inaccessible and hardest to pronounce of all the new young distilleries.

A fantastic Distillery operated by a team of descendants of legends, these guys are winning awards and make a beautiful complex Highland Whisky with Highland Peat. Highland awesome.

A  real twenty first century Distillery, they use modern techniques intermingled with old style floor mashings and green principles.

This cask strength bottle of fine Spirit-Whisky, one of only 5100 bottles, is made with Peated and Unpeated Spirit, from ex-Olorosso Barrels. Top class Spirit and a clear statement of where this award winning distillery is heading.

(For collecting. Grab one of Ardnamurchans 2022 cask Strength bottles for a taste of this amazing dram.)

An enchanting Newcomer…

Nose: Creme Caramel and Candied Orange

Palate: Mangoes, Liquorice and subtle smoke

Finish: Long smokey wisps of breathless youthfulness.