Bunnahabhain 21 years Old Malt Cask


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Bunnahabhain 21 years Old Malt Cask Single Malt

This is magnificent whisky, a spectacular example of the wonderful world of Independent barrels and experimental flavours.

A show stopper, typical of Bunnahabhain’s rather unique lightly peated style. This Hoggie was distilled in 1990 and went on to make some real magic on the coast. (This humble writer has found and quaffed three bottles of this particular Gold.)

Old Malt Cask is one of the early Independent Bottlers, and they have won many awards, experts in their craft, true to the ethos of Independent bottlers, single barrels, non chilled filtered and cask strength.

This is a testament to all that is great about this cold inhospitable land and their masterful apothecaries.