Dalmore 12 years Single Malt (1980’s)


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Dalmore 12 years Single Maly 1980’s

This is a mint example of Dalmore of the past, an early release to the Italian Market.

Founded in 1839, this special distillery was blown up in the early 1920’s when a nearby deep mine military establishment had a mishap of some explosive nature. Dynamite and Spirit are bad bedfellows, and the matter was taken to the House of Lords for resolution, the distillery being rebuilt nearly 10 years later.

Sold to Whyte and Mackay in the 1960’s; it was a fine marriage as Dalmore had been the heart of Whyte and Mackay for many decades.

In the meantime, after the millennium Dalmore had found its way into the imagination of drinkers the world over, and is now up there with the Macallans and the Highland Parks.

This collectible bottle was the only distillery release for many years, and is in perfect condition, the box is complete but somewhat worn. A special piece of Whisky History.