Delilah’s Compass Box Blended Whisky


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Delilah’s Compass Box Blended Scotch Whisky

This Dark creature was bottled in 2013 to commemorate the 20th year of the Punk Bar Delilah’s in Chicago.

Famous for the Waitrons black clothing (of course), their obligatory pale and intriguing style and the absolut absence of Vodka; this is the lair of Mike Miller.

Legend, Bourbon Champion and Master Blender of this dusky damsel, with John Glaser in attendance; and the result is a red-haired dark hued Scottish American Beauty. masterful…

One of 6324 bottles, a faithful 50/ 50 blend of Malt and Grain. With Malt from Longmorn this is a modern American-style Scotch whisky, matured in American Oak casks and re charred American Oak Hogsheads, horny as a bucking Steer and best to be drunk with a Beer or two.

” A Shot and Beer” and Mike always says. American kids looking like Joey nodding in agreement and another Green Day is borne…

Nose: Rich and Sweet, Oak young and fresh.
Palate: Fruit and more Fruit,some wood to and vanilla.
Finish: Hot flush of vanilla.