Dewars Signature Blended Scotch Whisky


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Dewar’s Signature Blended Scotch

This is a bottle of the now discontinued Signature Blend that features 27 year Aberfeldy at its heart and was the creation of Tom Aitken, former Master Blender for Dewar’s. with a very high quantity of malted Whisky and sweet honey this is a luxury sipper for the library..ah..Jeeves?

Nose: Lots of Fruit, sticky honey, a whisper of smoke.

Palate: Rich, creamy vanilla, more honey malt, refined candy note and licorice.

Finish: Warm, with heather hint of Peat.

Dewar’s was founded by the canny John Dewar in 1849, but it was his two sons who really created the legacy.

With their construction of Aberfeldy Distillery in 1896 and Tommy Dewar’s relentless around the world advertising road show, the brand became very famous indeed. Tommy wrote a successful book on his travels while hawking his blended hooch. He sailed to the States, traveled from one side to the other, made the journey to Hawaii, Fiji and thence to China, with a stopover in New Zealand and Australia. Then Hong Kong and back to Scotland for a haggis. in 1895…

He was knighted in 1902 and continued to live a thoroughly awesome life, the longest resident of the Savoy London (ever). He was known affectionately as “Whisky Tom” and occupied his remaining time on earth breeding racehorses, becoming Baron Dewar, the Sheriff of London, and general ladies man. He died unmarried and with a huge smile on his face. Inspirational stuff.