Dimple Scotch Whisky (1980’s)


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Haig’s Dimple Blended Scotch Whisky.

Dimple is a superior brand of blended Whisky from the Famous House of Haig’s, and is typically bottled at 12 or 15 years. In the 1980’s Haig’s Signature Blend disappeared and this no age statement ably filled the void until Haig’s Club was reborn 30 years later. Blue bottle, soccer player and lots of advertising. Haig lives, long live Dimple 15.

This bottle has never been taken out of the box. We opened the box to make sure that the good stuff is in there, and sure enough, a pristine bottle, as was bought by your uncle in 1983 from Solly Kramers.

Kane Mckenzie Haig founded his Stein distillery in the early 1700’s, which has credit as being the first commercial endevour of the strong spirits variety in Scotland.

In 1824 Cameronbridge Distillery was built, and Haig’s real heartbeat began. The first Distillery to use the new fangled Coffee Stills,  this giant would eventually go on to produce grain for almost every blend that we drink. From Johnnie Walker to Buchanan’s there is some Cameronbridge in all of them today.

The three shaped “dimple” bottle was introduced in late 1890 and proved a worthy addition to the Haig’s stable.

Haig’s brand most recently bought some renown with the Beckham, who has been bending things their way again, but Dimple has been there all along. In great Liquor Stores the world over, since 1890.