Edradour Ceramic 10 years (1980’s)


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Edradour Ceramic 10 years Single Malt.

Edradour- between two rivers is a tiny distillery in the Highlands that makes less than 140 000 litres per year. Cameronbridge, by way of comparison, has an annual output of 140 million litres.

This micro distillery was operating legally by 1837 and was sold to William Whiteley in 1928. The King’s Ransom blend was anchored by this Malt, and during prohibition Mr.Whiteley made a “killing” working with mafia boss Frank Costello smuggling Whisky. Kings Ransom indeed.

This beautiful ceramic decanter of 10-year-old Edradour was the first Distillery single malt to be released in 1986. This was during the Clan Campbell blending time of Edradour’s ownership.

Sold to Signatory Vintage Bottlers in 2002, the distillery has again found its spiritual and rightful owners. Small, independent, loves whisky. Pity the world of blends for Edradour wont be used there again.

This is a serious collectors bottle and is in perfect condition, the box is slightly worn, but very presentable.