Glen Moray 12 Years (1980’s)


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Glen Moray 12 years Single Malt

This  bottle of Glen Moray is from the 1980’s, packaged in a lovely embossed tin and is a gentle Highland Malt, that actually lays in the Speyside region.  “Speyside” is a recent category and in fact a sub-region of the Highlands.

Glen Moray was a converted from a Beer Distillery in 1897 with much hope and excitement, but was bankrupt within 15 years. Macdonald and Muir, owners of Glenmorangie, bought the failing enterprise in 1923, and the brand was never really developed. Sold as a budget Malt and often cheaper than blends, the whisky was disregarded when in fact it was being discounted for turnover, and sold at a loss. The quality of the spirit is great.

Now owned by La Matiniquaise Glen Moray is seeing an awakening, with special finishes, aged line-up, and proper attention to the marketing aspects. The French company also owns Glen Turner Distillery, Label 5 and Cutty Sark. Glen Moray is the Malty heart for both blends and should have a great future.

A great collectible bottle of a lesser known brand of really fine whisky.