Glen Ord 12 Years (1980’s)


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Glen Ord 12 years Single Malt (1980’s)

Glen Ord is a whisky distillery on the Black Isle, an area that has been distilling hooch for more than 400 years. The Distillery was built by the local business minded Laird in 1838 and leased out to operators for the first 50 years.

Eventually finding its way into the hands of Diageo, the brand is now labeled ” The Singleton of Glen Ord” and shares the label with Glendullan and Dufftown.

The Whisky of Glen Ord is well respected and should be full of spice and sherry. As a collector Glen Ord is of interest because of the number of names it has been given over the years; Glen Ord, Glenordie, Ordie, Ord, Muir of Ord and most recently The Singleton of Glen Ord. A great sub-category for the collection vaults.