Glen Scotia 1999 19 years


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Glen Scotia 1999 19 years single Malt

Scotia was founded in crowded Campbletown in 1832 and earnestly plied its honored trade, until it was bought out in 1925 following the collapse of the local industry. In 10 years seventeen distilleries were shuttered and demolished, the town was devastated and the special style that was Campbletown was nearly lost.

Sold of and traded too many times to count (10 times in fact), the brand was now relegated to blends, and suffered ignominious mothballing for a large part of 20th century.

Glen Scotia was finally bought by the fiercely independant Loch Lomond group in 2014 and has seen its status restored, and a real appreciation for this wonderful Malt has developed among discerning whisky drinkers.

This single barrel, cask strength official bottle of 19 years Glen Scotia will blow you away, and help to explain why Campbletown was so popular. Full- bodied, pungent, the famous salted caramel and smoke.