Glenbrynth 21 years Single Malt


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Glenbrynth 21 years Single Malt Whisky

This is a gentle single malt from the South African Blending House, Glenbrynth. Brian Nathan, the owner and namesake (Brian/Brynth) chose this one, so its going to be special.

This single malt is Kininvie’s Spirit, owned by Grants Massive, and an excellent opportunity to taste a young distilleries fruit, seldom available in its single malt form.

Kininvie is one of four distilleries owned by Grants: Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Girvan and Kininvie. Built in 1990, at the dawn of the computer age, the process of whisky distillation took a decided scientific turn at this warehouse. This trend has been acknowledged and expanded in the 21st century. The newest distilleries use AI regularly to “test” styles, choose methods of production, cask storage and rotation, and virtually all aspects of the industry. No more boozy redheads mumbling into their beards…

Technology aside this is a wonderfully wooded expression of Speyside’s finest, a thoroughly modern malt and a very satisfying dram indeed. Hats off to the boys at Glenbrynth.

( Glenbrynth offers various aged whiskies, some blended, some single malts, all of them bottled under contract at the Grants distillery, using the magic noses of the master Blenders, and their colossal stock of fine Spirit. )