Glenfarclas 1974 Family Casks 40 years


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Glenfarclas 1974 Family Casks 40 years

This is a bottle of whisky from barrel no 4075 of Glenfarclas Malt, distilled in 1974 and bottled on the 7 may 2014.  Only 147 bottles were filled, and then the hoggie was dry.

40 Years of contemplation within the embrace of dark European olorosso oak, the bottle is presented at cask strength and in a beautiful wooden case.

Glenfarclas is a distillery in Speyside that is well known for their Sherry casks. They also use fired stills, and have had really good family management for 6 generations.

In 1836 a farmer, gent by the name of Hay, legalised his garage stills and Glenfarclas was born. His drinking pal and neighbour John Grant bought the distillery for £512 when he passed on to glory and it has remained in his family’s hands ever since. Wonderful true story.

Valley of the green grass indeed.