Glenmorangie Signet


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Glenmorangie Signet

This is a premier Bottle of some of the finest Nectar from the legendary Morangie Farm in Tain.

Producing Whisky of some type for more than 400 years these guys are the granddaddies of the Industry.

This large distillery has the honor of being the most popular brand in Scotland but the truth of the whisky is in the tasting; Glenmorangie is undoubtedly THE perfect Highland whisky ( which means Speyside too of course, being that all Speyside whisky is after all in the Highlands).

This aged Beauty is no exception. With a large component of 30 year barrels, this unique bottle of luxury was made using Cadboll and Chocolate Barley, double distilled and other variously fussed over by the blokes of Tain.

The bottle is an awesome presentation, and the Gold Signet, the Namesake is a Pictish artefact unashamedly appropriated for this celebration. Gorgeous

Nose: Chocolate raisins and sugared orange peels.

Palate: Chocolate Orange now, with Lychees, honey- roasted almost and a whisper of Tobacco leaves

Finish: The superb finish expands on the warmth and the long and satisfying. An incredible effort.