Grand Old Parr 12 years (1980’s)


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Grand Old Parr 12 years Blended Scotch Whisky

Old Parr is a deluxe blend of whisky bottled in a square, crackled brown glass bottle that has not changed in 100 years. Cragganmore is the malty heart of this still beating beauty from another time.

Styled after some old English gent who refused to die, the brand has achieved a rather similar fate, with a huge sales track record and still going strong.

This is a bottle from the 1980’s and should prove to be a worthy collectors piece or aged drinking buddy.

For those who refuse to die, we salute you.

PS. With later cool heads and doctors records, it was determined the Mr. Parr had died at the age of 70 and the records had been muddled with his father, who had the same name.