Haig’s Blended Whisky ( 1960’s)


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Haig’s Blended Scotch Whisky (1960’s)

This is a bottle of fine Haig’s Scotch, renowned for being reliable and delicious. This is a 1960’s expression and is a great collectible bottle.

John Haig & Co. is a legendary distilling company that embraced the continuous still soon after its inception, and became a major producer of grain whisky.

The Haig family have been making whisky since the 1600’s though and this was just another milestone in this families remarkable history.

John Haig was instrumental in the formation of the Distillers Company Limited, the first real attempt at establishing a monopoly on the uncontrolled beast that was the whisky business.

Eventually becoming Daigeo, Haig’s most recently hired Mr. Beckham to help the young’ uns back to their brand.