Hankey Bannister Books (2) (1980’s)


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Hankey Bannister Blended Scotch Whisky x2

These very unusual bottles of Whisky must have come from the 1980’s. Bottles shaped like books, golf balls, birds, golf bags and of course bells were very popular at the time.

These two perfect bottles of Hankey Bannister Best Blended would be great in any respectable collection. Hankey is a very well regarded whisky too, so if you have to drink them you wont be disappointed.

Established in London, Johns Street, in 1757 the wine and spirits enterprise known as Hankey Bannister became quite well known, by those in the know, as a malty blend that winners drank. Chaps like Winston Churchill drank the stuff for breakfast, and he won ww2.

Old Puleteney, Speyburn, anCnoc, Balblair and Balmenach all contribute to this understated and very delicious blend.