Hedges and Butler 12 years (1980’s)


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Hedges and Butlers 12 years Blended Scotch Whisky

The firm of Hedges & Butler was established in London in 1667 by Edmund Harris as a wine and spirits merchant. For more than 150 years this dapper grocer plied its righteous trade.

It was when they moved to Regent Street that things got crazy. Two years into the overpriced lease they were appointed to supply hooch for the coronation banquet of King George IV and all their dreams came true.

Granted a Royal Warrant in 1830 the company has been trusted with keeping Kings and Queens happy for nearly 200 years now.

Hedges & Butler began to produce its own blended Scotch whiskies before the Second World War, with these being aimed very much at the top end of the market.