Highland Park 12 years (1980’s)


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Highland Park 12 years single malt scotch

Highland Park is truly the stuff of legends. Often referred to as the best whisky in the world, it is certainly the most pleasing to us, gentle reader.

The peat they use is different, the methods they use are old, even for Scotland’s old ways, and their origin story is shrouded in as much mist as the Island itself. Priests who were smugglers at night and such scandal.

Highland Park, the Single Malt, appeared in the early 1980’s and this is the eponymous 12 year old that showed the world what they really are.

Nowadays they have embraced their Viking heritage, the packaging is different and the people grumble. But who really cares if they are proud and tall and blond and not descended from the Picts.

The Whisky coming out of Highland Park right now is just as awesome as when they wore kilts.

Particularly the 18 years.

Until you try the 25 years.