Inchgower 1990 27 Years


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Inchgower 1990 27 years single malt whisky

This is a bottle of unobtanium, Inchgower seldom sells single malts, and never at this age.

Located just outside the fishing port of Buckie, Inchgower is a defiantly coastal style of single malt. No other new make reaches the same level of intense spiciness, perceived on the tongue as salinity. The sea air, you know.

Built in 1871 by Alex Wilson and located just outside Buckie, this is a singular single malt like no other.

By 1936 things were no so salty and the distillery faced imminent closure. The townsfolk of Buckie rallied and saved the distillery, and all their jobs, later selling the going concern to Uncle Arthur, who couldn’t get enough spirit for his ringing empire.

Mostly used as blends this is a cask strength official release that even uncle Alex (god rest his soul) would be proud of.

Wonderful collectible whisky from the masters of marketing Diageo.