Kilchoman 5 years px finish single cask


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Kilchoman 5 years Scotch Whisky

This powerful peated malt is finished in px sherry casks for a hint of fruit in the smoke.

Kilchoman Distillery was founded at the turn of the century. Crowdfunded with one million pounds, Mr.T Willis created this old school distillery and fired up the first new Islay stills for 125 years. Goose bumps all around.

Islay was chosen as the location for the distillery partly because of our current love of all whiskies peated, but also because the family originated on Islay.

Rockside Farm was selected as the distillery site because it had suitable buildings available and was noted for growing the best malting barley on the island.

This great new Malt was launched in 2009 and is already a well respected, if very dark and moody, addition to the great Islay legends.

Handmade, homegrown barley, Islay peat, and expert Scottish skill. The Jocks sure know how to make the stuff.