King’s Ransom Decanter 12 years (1980’s)


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Kings Ransom Blended Scotch Whisky presented in a lovely decanter.

Yorkshire-born William Whiteley was 67 when he created his flagship blend, King’s Ransom, in 1928. With Frank Costello (mafia type, sub-machine guns etc) as his US agent it was popular in the speakeasy bars of Prohibition America.

King’s Ransom transported their whisky as ballast in ocean-going liners and that the rocking motion at sea helped marry its component parts.  At least that is the romantic story they told, but the truth is probably more to do with the the malt used in the blend.

Edradour, the worlds tiniest distillery, laboring away in a cold part of the world making Bill and his mafia mates rich.

King’s Ransom was discontinued in the 1980’s so this very cool brand will not be coming back.