Magic Cask Compass Box Blended Malt Whisky


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Magic Cask Compass Box Blended Malt Whisky

This incredible and very rare blended Malt  is an entertainers delight. Made with ten 24 year old Bourbon Barrels from the once great Imperial Distillery and a single cask from Aberlour, this is a collectible from the great John Glaser, a gift to remind us of a world closed down. A Magic cask to save for a very special day.

Imperial Distillery, demolished but not forgotten. These 10 barrels lying for 24 years unnoticed in a dark cellar until Mr Glaser takes a nip of a cask “aberlour x2 2015″on a rainy scottish day, and the magic begins.

A simple marriage, a beautiful example of the wonders of blending, the complexity that evolve from these enlightened and exclusive trysts. Spiritual, like magic indeed.

One of 5538 bottles.

Nose: Marmalade and Chai, with Plums.
Palate: Thick luscious palate, Golden Apples.
Finish: Oaky finish with cocoa powder dustings