Mortlach 18 years ( Private Barrel Company)


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Mortlach 18 years Single Malt cask strength.

This very special bottle of whisky is an 18 year cask strength release of pure Mortlach from the very capable indie bottlers Private Barrel Company. Distilled in 1999 at the distillery in Dufftown.

Mortlach was founded in 1823 by James Findlater, who then devised one of the most complex and time consuming ways of distilling whisky. With extra wash stills and other gaelic magic, the spirit emerges with a distinctly “meaty” taste, which is good, in the whisky world.

Because of its distinctive flavor it was universally loved by blenders and was used in Johnnie Walker blends until Diageo started the new single malt range. Incredibly overpriced but truly delicious, Mortlach is destined to be one of the collectibles.

This bottle however should be shared and presents a unique opportunity to try a whisky that would normally cost so much more.