Old Pultney 2006 15 years single cask


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Old Pultney 2006 15 years single cask

A single cask expression from the Maritime Malters, Old Pultney, in an impeccable package. Beautiful.

Old Pultney was founded in Wick and had a consistant and prosperous 100 years, ultimately becoming a victim of its own success.

Late in the 19th century, the town of Wick slowly descended into alcoholism and the stills were shut down by the mayor. After the war there was a urgent need for good spirits, a new mayor was elected, and the stills were again fired up.

Mostly used for blending for the rest of the 20th century the millennium has become Old Pultney’s time. This delicate whisky is sweet and fruity, and especially salty.

The sea air you see.