Pinwinnie Royal Blended Scotch Whisky (1970’s)


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Pinwinnie Royale Scotch Whisky (1970’s)

A classic blend created by Inver House Distillers during the latter days of the Golden Blending Age, and bottled in the 1970’s. Remembered for its rich, distinguished character and unmistakable bottle, the blend competed well in the entry level blended scotch market for a while.

The Malt is said to be more than 50% and is Glen Flagler and Bladnoch as both were owned by Inver House at this time.

When Inver House sold up in the late 1980’s Pinwinnie Scotch Blend was discontinued and focus shifted to the Single Malts and Hankey Bannister, the other blend.

A special addition to the Whisky collection.