Royal Lochnagar 12 years


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Royal Lochnagar 12 years (1990’s)

This golden bottle of Royal Lochnagar was boxed up in Crathie in the 90’s, bound for USA and somehow found its way to SA instead. One of only 3 distilleries to have the “Royal” title and the origin story is one of pure favoritism and rank opportunism, of course.

John Begg a very smart landowner and blender of fine hooch established his stills just across the river from Crathie in 1845 and, quite by chance, old chap, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had just bought the neighbouring Balmoral Estate. Convivial timing indeed.

Begg invited his Royal Neighbours to a tour of his distillery and Queen V was blown away. She immediately awarded a Royal Warrant to the distillery had cases brought over to the castle, got rid of all the staff, and proceeded to create her own cocktails with the fine dram. Royalty.

Mostly used in blends, some of the fine spirit finds its way into bottles that say Royal like nothing else.