Royal Salute 1984 32 years


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Royal Salute 32 years Hand-finished Porcelain Decanter

The Royal Salute 32 Year Old Union of the Crowns salutes the moment King James VI fused three kingdoms to create the modern British Monarchy in 1603. So a whisky for special occasions.

The unique and discontinued blend is created by Colin Scott from whisky from distilleries like Caperdonich and Lochside who are both ghost distilleries now. These rare casks are combined with the creamy texture of Longmorn; the sweet notes of Tormore and the rich qualities of Braeval. (We at Whisky Trader are great fans of Longmorn, a much overlooked Distillery,it is truly amazing in its young barrel strength version. Official bottlings are few and very pricey.)

The Beautiful porcelain flagon is hand-glazed so that each bottle has a completely singular patina. One of a kind, dated on the back with the bottling day, date and month, very specific indeed.

Nose: Honey and soft vanilla fudge, cinnamon.
Palate: Exquisitely full without being boisterously rich, farm marmalade meets sophisticated sweet peach. Some Peaty embers with an earthy tang.
Finish: Smooth, very long and smooth, sweet syrup melting away. Complexity and sophistication and satisfaction guaranteed.