Scottish Leader Decanter 30 Years


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Scottish Leader 30 years Decanter Blended Scotch Whisky

This rare blended 30 year Scottish Whisky is packaged in a sophisticated leather bound box, with 2 cut glasses and a cut glass decanter.

Scottish Leader was created as a brand in 1976 and has traditionally used Tobermory of the Highlands as the heart of the brand. They do say that as many as 30 Malt and Grain brands go into their blends but this one is mostly Tobermory and a little grain for the oak.

This is an exceptional example of the modern blending.

Nose: Quite rich and dry. Notes of thick sultanas. Solid smoke and Sherry.
Palate: Thick and firm. Wood shavings. There is a mocchaccino note.
Finish: Medium-length with espresso and oak.