Singleton of Dufftown 18 years


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The Singleton of Dufftown, an 18 year whisky of the Speyside region presented in a stylish bottle, and offers a great dram for weeknight drinking. This is great whisky with ice, and a little time.

The Singleton is actually the Trio, being Dufftown, Glen Ord and Glendullan distilleries, each contributing to the Singleton brand. The three distilleries provide whisky to the acquired taste of different continents, Dufftown for UK, Glen ord for the East and Glendullan for USA. Bells use Dufftown as the core Malt in their blends so you have probably had some Dufftown before.

Loved by the Queen and of course all of us at Whisky Trader, We have a few examples of each of the Distilleries offerings in stock. And plenty of Bells..

Nose: Soft, dry and autumn. Sweet, stewed fruits, ripe apples.
Palate: Dry and sweet; nuts.
Finish: Sweetness to oakiness. Stewed-fruit freshness.