Speyburn 15 years single cask


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Speyburn 2004 15 years single cask

A special release of Speyburn presented at cask strength in a stylish box, and with tons of flavor.

Speyburn is the top selling Scotch Whisky in the USA and seldom seen elsewhere. Founded in 1879 by John Hopkins the distillery sported the pagodas that had become popular in this region.

Using the old ways, nothing much has changed since founding and this single malt is a lovely expression of fine Speyside fruit and vanilla. Delicious.

Nose: Aromas of sweet vanilla, creamy toffee, golden syrup and tropical fruits.

Palate: Bursting with chocolate, juicy raisins, apples and caramel, all wrapped together with a very gentle spice.

Finish: Crisp, sweet yet spicy with notes of creamy chocolate and pears.