Strathisla 12 years official bottling (1990’s) 1L


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Strathisla 12 years Single Malt Scotch (1990’s) 1 litre

Strathisla Distillery is the oldest licensed distillery in Scotland. Founded legally and with all blessings in 1789 as the Milltown Distillery, the small stills have been crafting oily gold since then. Mostly making Chivas Regal famous.

This wonderful Single Malt was distilled, bottled and sold by the case load in the late 1800’s right up until ww11, when things went wrong all over. The distillery was bought by Chivas brothers. The new post-war 12 year old was launched, and deemed “incredibly malty, old chap”. Chivas rose and rose. 29 million litres last year and counting.

Every now and then a single malt official release makes it’s way around the world.

Herewith a 1 litre bottle of the gold, from the actual Grandad of Whisky.