Talisker 2012 8 years Rum Finish


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Talisker 2012 8 years Rum Finish

A very special Talisker, finished in pot-distilled Jamaican rum casks for 8 months, adding extra layers of flavor to the distillery’s classic salt-and-pepper maritime notes. Rich, sweet and very tasty.

In the early 1800’s brothers MacAskil, were typical landlords, and introduced themselves to their new tenants by evicting them all, and replacing them with sheep.

Somewhere during this time they decided that whisky would turn a buck and presumably hired the locals to run the stills. But just 14 years later they were done and Talisker was passed about like a marseilles hooker . Incredibly remote, the logisitcs of moving the spirit proved too be to much for most of the owners. For the first 50 years the whisky barrels were floated by swimmers onto the boats bound for Edinburgh. Old old school.

Diageo eventually saved the day when they discovered that Talisker is some of the finest peated whisky in the world today, and probably had been all along.

Something about the air and the sea, and nothing else to do.