Tweedale The Evolution 28 Years


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Tweedale “The Evolution” 28 Years Blended Scotch whisky.

Bottled at 51.8%, non-chillfiltered and naturally colored this is a wonderful whisky for celebration, the age and packaging are both impressive, and the brand is unusual and intriguing.

The original Tweeddale Whisky was produced in Coldstream in 1820 by J&A Davidson. 180 years later his great grandson Alasdair Day was cleaning up papa’s attic and found the cellar book. Intrigued, he began re-creating The Tweeddale Whisky on small batch aged blends and historic single casks. This is their oldest expression.

Nose: Apricot, with touches of oak and old wood.
Palate: Buttered rye bread and apple. Drying earthiness develops, followed by a whiff a cedar.
Finish: A lasting warmth of cinnamon and toasted brioche, more oak